Conference Theme: Laurels of Reservoir, Minghsin University of Science and Technology
Date: Friday Nov. 20, 2009 13:30-16:00

 Time Program Description
13:30-16:003 Speeches
  • Title: Slope Disaster Prevention in Hong Kong: Past, Present and Future
Speaker: Dr. Albert T. Yeung, BSc (Eng), Ph.D., CEng (Associate Professor, Department of Civil Enigneering, The University of Hong Kong.)
  • Title: The ASCE Sister-Section Program and how ASCE-Taiwan can partner /collaborate with a domestic section/s in the U.S.
Speaker: Mr. Potenciano A. Leoncio, Jr., P.E., M. ASCE (Director, ASCE International & Region 10)
  • Title: Civil Engineers International Guide
Speaker: Mr. Nigel B. Schofield (Project Services Division, HBO, CTCI Corporation)
 16:00-18:00 Field TripHsin Chu Municipal Incinerator
 18:00-20:00 Dinner: Mediterranean Beach Club Restaurant


Photo Exhibition of various domestic reservoirs will be located in designated areas. Audio & Visual showcase of the Shih-men, Tseng-wen, Nan-hua, Te-Chi, Fei-Tsui Reservoir construction films will be displayed simultaneously throughout the program all day at the exhibition hall.