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For Students

What benefits can students get once becoming a student member with ASCE-TWIG?

  • First of all, they’re absolutely free. Plus
  • Free online access to Civil Engineering magazine and ASCE News, so you'll always be "in the know" with industry news and within the civil engineering communit
  • Powerful career resources with ASCE’s Career Connections
  • Devoted solely to civil engineering internships, jobs, and advice
  • Eligibility for over $75,000 in annual Society scholarships and fellowships
  • Look for the Student eNews every month in your inbox for the newest opportunities and announcements from ASCE
  • Professional guidance through ASCE’s Mentoring Program
  • Network with like-minded peers and civil engineering professionals through your Student Chapter and the local ASCE Section/Branch or Younger Member Group
  • Connect with other students around the country with online student discussion forums
  • Discounts on ASCE-sponsored conferences, journals, books, and manuals to increase your knowledge and research
  • Apply for ASCE Gold Mastercard™ and Visa™ (per terms of financial institutions) with no annual fees
  • Manage your ASCE e-mail subscriptions -- ASCE sends out a wealth of information related to upcoming events, new member benefits, and other resources you can use to get ahead. Decide for yourself which ones will benefit you most.

How do I proceed to become an ASCE member?

Remember! There are many different membership grades. You may apply your membership online at: or fill out the application form and send to ASCE-TWIG. We will forward your application directly to the ASCE headquarter.

How do I start my membership as a student member?

Fill out the application form and send to ASCE-TWIG directly. It is free. Please mail it to us ( We will forward your application to the ASCE headquarter.
Wei-Tze Chang,
Apr 18, 2010, 11:28 PM